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Bisou Bisou Library

We are excited to announce that we are building a library! In order to advance our goal of increasing access to educational resources, Bisou Bisou is installing a library on its Kafou Fey campus. In addition to the study rooms and supplemental educational courses we provide, our members will now have the ability to borrow resources and books as needed for research purposes.

Students will be trained on how to use the resources for skills development, online courses and certificate programs. We also intend to host seminars on scholarship searches, resume and CV development, and academic writing.

Carpenters from kafou fey have been hired to help us with this process. This initiative has been spearheaded by administrative members Myrthil Saint Aime and Antoine Geojada. We have attached a few of our inspirational images below for your consideration. Let us know what you think!

All monetary donations towards this initiative can be sent to via paypal. Physical donations can be sent to: 127 W Fairbanks Avenue, #502 Winter Park FL 32789.

We are looking for donations of: leisure reading materials, self help books, educational books for all ages, workbooks, notebooks, notepads, pens, pencils, office supplies, tablets, chromebooks and laptops.

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