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Providing Access to Education for Displaced Students 

The students displaced by the tragic earthquake on 8/14/21 need our support as they recover. Unfortunately, emergency settings cause gaps in teaching and shortages in administrative staff prevent local education systems from meeting many student needs. And coordination challenges generally inhibit humanitarian teams from acting as efficiently as needed. The longer students remain without access to education, the less likely they are to return. Continuity in education increases the likelihood that students will complete their full education cycle, preparing  them for a healthy, productive future.

With your support, we intend to meet this need by establishing safe spaces where students have access to critical educational resources, skill building seminars and tutors to support their studies. Students will be equipped with the skills needed to contribute to the sustainable redevelopment of their community through service and civic engagement. 


 Our project would provide:

  • Elementary students with access to supplementary arithmetic and literary practice

  • Secondary students with the appropriate level of challenging coursework for mathematics, science and reading 

  • University students with access to short term certifiable courses from accredited programs, research databases and, access to study halls and tutors for support 

Current partners include: Trigo Networks and Skyroam

Please stay tuned for updates. 


Donations List

We are collecting school supplies, intended to be delivered to students affected in late September, after their immediate needs have been met.

You can give via our Amazon wish list here, or  all items can be mailed to 127 W Fairbanks Ave #502, Winter Park FL 32789. Please include name and short bio of sender. We appreciate your support!

Supplies List:
  1. Backpacks 

  2. Notebooks / Notebook paper 

  3. Pens/ Pencils 

  4. Crayons

  5. Pencil sharpeners 

  6. Pencil case 

  7. Flash Drives

  8. Internet Hotspot

  9. French Dictionary 

  10. Staplers/ Staples

  11. Binders

  12. Paper Clips

  13. Educational workbooks for all ages ( preferred French)

  14. Educational Toys (French settings preferred)

  15. Dry Erase Boards and markers 

  16. Construction Paper

  17. Printer Paper 

  18. Laptops/ Chromebooks/ Tablets 

    1. to be programed with educational materials and distributed as needed ​

  19. Educational Software 

  20. Female Care packages 

  21. Solar Powered Lamps

  22. Flashlights and batteries needed 

  23. Solar Powered Batteries 

Prepackaged School Supply Kits
School Supply
School Supplies
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